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I’m Valerie Elkins and I love everything about family, family stories and leaving a legacy.

Family history has the power to enrich and honor all the other things I care about in life.

Cherishing our family history is amazing. When we know our ancestor’s story, we begin to understand what made us and shaped us – which helps us better know ourselves.

Finding our family stories allows us to determine the impact those stories have for our family and apply relevance and meaning to our lives. 

 In short, cherishing our family history provides us with a great opportunity for living a happy and memorable life.

 Which is why I created this cite for people like you and me – to help cherish our family.


3 Cherishing Families Areas of Focus ________________________________________________________

Here at Family Cherished we focus on 3 main family history areas:

  • Leaving a Legacy: Finding your family history stories through research and discovery, writing and sharing those stories
  • Cherished Home: Creative  ways to cherish family history and heritage in your home, your food and your fun
  • Becoming Unforgettable: Best ways to be remembered and to become your descendants most unforgettable ancestor.

Start taking action in these areas and you will Change. Your. Life.

Where to Start _______________________________________________________

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Start today.

Decide which of these 3 areas is the most important to you right now, and head on over.

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