A Paper-Lover’s 3 Reasons to go Digital

A Paper-Lover’s 3 Reasons to go Digital

I have had a love affair with stationary supplies as long as I can remember. New notebooks, pens and stationary paper would send me over the moon. I love the feel, the touch and even the smell of new paper. Weird I know. So what’s the problem? This relationship is no longer making me happy.  I have too much paper, too many notebooks! I have 4 four-drawer filing cabinets and 2 two-drawer ones, which does not include all the paper-filled boxes that have yet to make it into the files! I have so many notebooks, that I initially bought for a specific purpose and end up that I can’t find what I am looking for in them because I can’t remember which notebook or where I wrote it in! arg!After attending RootsTech, my eyes were open to new possibilities. As a genealogist who deals with the past it is often difficult to look ahead. Like many genealogist who started before the personal computer age, I found myself with a huge learning curve when it came to anything tech. Everything I learned about Continue reading

Technology and Genealogy, a Marriage Made in …?

Well, I attended Rootstech last week in Salt Lake City. It has taken a few days for me to process all the information and to sort out all my thoughts and feelings about the event. What is Rootstech? Rootstech  is a new conference spearheaded by FamilySearch along with other genealogy organizations and companies who were joined with top companies in the technology industry “designed to bring technologists together with genealogists, so they can learn from each other and find solutions to the challenges we face in family history research today.”             Here are my conclusions about the experience:*  Being a good genealogist with limited technology skills may have been sufficient in the past, but in order to fully access newer resources, databases and online information in the future we will need to become more technology mature.        *  Every field has its own language and way of defining things. I think many genealogists who are new to technology are resistant due to the lack of Continue reading

Wanted Dead AND Alive

When you are a fanatical avid genealogist and family historian it is SO easy to get consumed enthralled with the hunt. A “simple look” for a census record from an online database can quickly turn into hours long quest – barely making time to come up for air.I love my ancestors and my heritage. The more I get to know them, the more I want to learn about them. I have to remind myself to not let this passion become more important than those who are still alive in my life. I hear from other genealogist that this not uncommon, nor are genealogists the only ones who get caught up in things.Honor the past but cherish the present.Valentines Day is coming up - a time to express love to those who mean everything to us. With all my searching and hunting, I need to remember to not forget the living who could always use a little bit of my attention too. This blog is committed to honoring and cherishing our families – Living AND dead. So let me just publicly thank my absolutely amazing husband. Continue reading

What’s in Your Bag?

This Thursday through Saturday I will be attending RootsTech in Salt Lake City. This is a new conference in which the universes of genealogy and technology will collide and will try to create a new world - one where research is faster, simpler and dare we dream … easier.Having learned my lesson just a few weeks ago while attending the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, I came to my senses I wisely booked a hotel room…read earlier post for the details. Since I won’t be driving back and forth to Salt Lake, I have to be prepared a bit more  than usual. When I do research at the Family History Library, I just bring my flash drive and use the library’s computers and save lugging the laptop around. But since this is a conference about using technology I decided it would be best if I actually brought some! So, I am prepacking my laptop bag. Having worked at the FHL and done research there for years, I thought I would share what I like to bring with me. Besides the laptop and power cord, I also Continue reading