My 99 Genealogy Things Meme

First of all, I had to look up what “meme” was… because I’m cool like that. Basically, it means something going viral or catches fire and is passed from person to person. I first read this on cassmob’s blog, (but was just was notified by Jill Ball from Genimates Blog that the original idea came from Becky at kinexxions blog  see what I mean about going viral?) Jill "Aussie-ized" it and I tweaked it back... because I’m not an Aussie darn it! So, here is my Yank version of whoever originally started it - to each I say 'thank you.'Things you have already done or found – bold typeThings you would like to do or find – italics Things you have not done or found /don’t care to – (or that I know hasn’t happened in my family). Belong to a genealogical society (four, but want to add to it) Joined a group on Genealogy Wise. Transcribed records. Uploaded headstone pictures to Find-A-Grave or a similar site (Flickr). Documented ancestors for four generations (self, parents, grandparents, Continue reading