What’s in Your Bag?

This Thursday through Saturday I will be attending RootsTech in Salt Lake City. This is a new conference in which the universes of genealogy and technology will collide and will try to create a new world - one where research is faster, simpler and dare we dream … easier.Having learned my lesson just a few weeks ago while attending the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, I came to my senses I wisely booked a hotel room…read earlier post for the details. Since I won’t be driving back and forth to Salt Lake, I have to be prepared a bit more  than usual. When I do research at the Family History Library, I just bring my flash drive and use the library’s computers and save lugging the laptop around. But since this is a conference about using technology I decided it would be best if I actually brought some! So, I am prepacking my laptop bag. Having worked at the FHL and done research there for years, I thought I would share what I like to bring with me. Besides the laptop and power cord, I also Continue reading