Is it Worth Going to a Genealogy Institute?

Last week was the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy or SLIG, in SLC. I attended the Advanced Genealogical Methods course with Dr. Thomas Jones.  Susan Bankhead of Susan’s Genealogy Blog sat next to me and she has already covered our week of study on her blog, so I will share about why you should attend next year.Networking                                                                                                                               Last year was my first year at SLIG and I made some great friends. Carolyn and I ended up doing an exchange, where I did a look-up at the FHL for her and she did a look-up in Minnesota for me. She found the death certificate and 3 page obituary of my 4th great grandfather that totally changed my view and perspective of him. Priceless!This year was no different and meet some great new people that I am already looking forward to seeing at Rootstech in a few days and next year at SLIG.Making genealogy friends at the institute helps you in many Continue reading

Getting a Great Genealogical Education for Little or No Money!

Growing up my dad would often quote the English proverb,“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Well, if wishes could make it happen, I would attend every genealogy conference, institute and enroll in Boston University’s Genealogy Certificate program today! In order to get where I want to be in my genealogical education, I have put myself on a stiff genealogy education plan that expands across the next 5 years. While those plans include the major conferences and institutes, those plans are also subject to the funds available at that time. Which means – if I want a quality genealogy education now - I am going to have to get way more CREATIVE!While not everyone wants to become a professional genealogist, I would think anyone who does their own family history research would desire to be more effective – wanting to spend the precious time they have to devote to genealogy research to be more focused and more successful.So here are some ideas to create your own genealogy education plan: Continue reading