Family History Clues Found in our Food

The food we eat is often based on our culture, our ethnicity and geography - all great clues for a genealogist. Take my family for example, my mom never learned about cooking from her mother, who died when my mom was only 13. Even though we did not grow up with a lot of family recipes handed down through the generations, there were still clues about who we are, where our family was from and our culture.As a child at Christmas time, every year in our stockings we got a coconut. I thought Santa brought everyone coconuts. Didn’t really know what to do with the coconut and the fun was taking the hammer to smash it open. It wasn’t until years later, that my mother mentioned that her family got a box every Christmas from her mother’s family in Hawaii. The box always contained coconuts and a hand-woven hat made from palm frons that my grandmother would wear while gardening. You can see my grandmother wearing one of the hats in the picture on the left located in the Family Cherished blog Continue reading