I’m so Confused? What am I?

Genealogist? Family Historian, Curator, Archivist? I have been pondering what it is that I do and what to call myself for awhile. I can see that I am not the only one after reading Nancy’s post on My Ancestors and Me blog. I could be called a genealogist because I research lineage and create family trees for myself and others professionally. But, because I want to know more than just the mere names and dates - I want to know about their history, their culture and more details than just the facts ma'am…which also makes me a family historian and a poor imitator of Sgt. Friday.At RootsTech I heard the terms “curator and archivist” bandied about a bit.  A curator is responsible for the 'care and acquisitions of objects' and the term has recently moved to include not just objects but digital records. An archivist is primarily concerned with preservation for future generations the information that is in a collection or library.With all the stuff collectibles, photos, books, papers and images Continue reading