Getting Personal

I am a bit hesitant about this post as it is personal… then I realized that any post about your family is going to get personal – what’s more personal than family? It’s not so much personal in the way of sharing anything intimate or anything…I thought that word would get your attention! But, This story is near and dear to my heart.In my series Why in the World Would You Do Genealogy, which you can read here and here - I discussed Reason 1,“It Gives me a Sense of Belonging” and Reason 2, “It gives me a sense of purpose and a feeling that I can do it.” Which brings me now to Reason 3: “Genealogy Gives me Perspective and Wisdom”.My grandmother was Mertice Beatrice Beck and she was born in 1939 in rural northwestern Alabama.Mertice Beatrice Beck BrownHer family was poor, and not just poor - but dirt poor.Luther Ellis Beck and wife Tela Pearl Cole Beck with their children Hazel, Mertice, Gertrude, Mazell, Jimmie Nell, and Kermit on lap. (Not pictured oldest child John Erwin).Mertice was Continue reading

Wanted Dead AND Alive

When you are a fanatical avid genealogist and family historian it is SO easy to get consumed enthralled with the hunt. A “simple look” for a census record from an online database can quickly turn into hours long quest – barely making time to come up for air.I love my ancestors and my heritage. The more I get to know them, the more I want to learn about them. I have to remind myself to not let this passion become more important than those who are still alive in my life. I hear from other genealogist that this not uncommon, nor are genealogists the only ones who get caught up in things.Honor the past but cherish the present.Valentines Day is coming up - a time to express love to those who mean everything to us. With all my searching and hunting, I need to remember to not forget the living who could always use a little bit of my attention too. This blog is committed to honoring and cherishing our families – Living AND dead. So let me just publicly thank my absolutely amazing husband. Continue reading