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Welcome! Valerie Elkins and her husband have been married for over 30 years and he still can make her weak in the knees. A mother of 3 grown and amazing children – a daughter with special needs who still lives at home, a son, daughter-in-love, and 1 beautiful, smart, amazing granddaughter in Alaska and daughter number 2, who also lives in Colorado. clip_image002                                       

Valerie created Family Cherished to share her love and passion for family history and how to cherish your family. Sharing meaningful ways to leave and create a legacy in hopes that it will inspire others to love and remember their heritage as well.


Valerie became fascinated about her family history while still a young girl. Family tradition had it that her gg grandmother was an Indian princes, (a story started by said grandmother no less). Raised in a family that moved like migratory birds, Valerie latched onto this story. She spent hours reading about horses and Indians – just in case the tribe should ever need her to come and take her rightful place on the throne. By the time she found out that there was no such thing as Indian royalty, it was too late – she was hooked.


Valerie is a professional family history researcher, presenter, writer and lover of great stories. She uses her background and training to help others find the joy of knowing their own story and preserving it creative and meaningful ways.

Fun Facts

nicknames and things people call me:

 Valerie, Val, mom, honey, hey you,

favorite ancestor:

I love them all, but I have a special fondness for Clara my “Indian Princess”

pet peeves:

rudeness, injustice, and Styrofoam 

my favorite app:

Evernote and OneNote – don’t make me choose!

my ancestry:

One of my research specialties is Japanese, but I have no Japanese ancestry. My family comes from England, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and American Indian. My family and my husbands have been in America since the very beginning.

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