Writing Your Story with #52Stories Prompts

Writing Your Story with #52Stories Prompts

Each of us has a story to tell. A story worth remembering…but52st0ries, who has the time? Guess what? It just got easier. What if you could write a quick story, a story that has meaning – a story that will be treasured someday by those we leave behind?

FamilySearch, with the help of talented people like Allison Kimball and Rhonna Farrer have just made it easier. They created a series of story prompt questions, based on 12 themes (a different theme for each month). Each week you choose a different question and write your story, and make it as short and simple or as long as detailed as you want.

Allison and Rhonna have created wonderful graphics to go with your story, or create your own like I did here using Canva.


Once you write your story there are so many options on how to record it and share it.

Story Sharing Options:

  • Chatbooks
  • OneNote Journal software
  • FamilySearch Family Tree – your personal stories can only be seen by you until after you pass
  • Print them out and save into a binder or have them bound
  • Create a blog – can be made public or private
  • Post them on social media accounts like Instagram – use #hashtags to help your family find them

Really, you are only limited by your imagination. So start today. Get inspired and write! Your family will thank you and you will feel great having accomplished something so meaningful.

So what are you waiting for? Go on, WRITE!

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