When Your Genes Don’t Fit – DNA Tests You Need

When Your Genes Don’t Fit – DNA Tests You Need

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My family is weird – I admit it, though it is no shock to those who know us. Our genes did not fit the norm, so I was very interested in Kailos DNA tests, as I have had adverse reactions to prescriptions in the past and I have 2 children that do not metabolize prescription medication as most do. This has been a great concern as a parent and I hoped that Kailos could give us some answers.

Genealogists are going crazy with DNA tests. DNA tests such as those offered by Ancestry.com, FamilyTreeDNA and 23andMe can help confirm or help discover new family lines. Using DNA testing to learn more about our physical health was something new to me.

Understanding the information hidden in our two DNA strands is definitely a science. Thankfully, there are companies around, to make it a bit easier to understand and how to apply our genetic history to our lives today.

I became very interested in the company after I met them at Rootstech earlier this year. Kailos is a DNA testing company; they test your DNA to help you improve and understand how your genes that you inherited can impact your health.

I interviewed Troy Moore, the Chief Scientific Officer for Kailos, to learn more about the company and how their tests can be “another layer of information” that is available for understanding your genetic makeup. The company believes that “knowledge is power.”

According to their website, Kailos DNA tests can help you:

  • Find out whether certain medicines could give you dangerous side effects, so your doctor can switch you to another medicine
  • Before an emergency, know which pain medicines will provide you relief
  • Prevent a heart attack from occurring by ensuring Plavix works for you
  • Keep breast cancer from returning –know if your body uses Tamoxifen the right way.

Besides testing your DNA against a panel of commonly prescribed medications, Kailos also offers cancer screening. Troy stated that the results of possibly contracting certain cancers are presented in a range of likelihood, while it is not a diagnosis or a given that you will contract cancer, the higher the range, the more proactive you need to be with monitoring.

Kailos also offers genetic counselors to help assist you and your doctor with the findings.

Kailos gave me 3 tests to try out their service. A plus with Kailos, is that they will also will send the results to your physician, and my personal physician was very interested to receive the results. While the results do not tell you everything, for example there is a difference between an allergic reaction and a genetic problem with a drug,  it does help you and your doctor make better informed decisions when choosing a medication.

The results report was made easy enough for me to understand and had more scientific information that a physician can appreciate and approve.

Kailos offers a variety of DNA tests, the one I had done was the PGX Complete, which tests how your body responds to 20 different classes of medications and how they react to 50 different medicines.

Kailos also offer cancer screenings, which test for the BRCA1 and BRAC2 gene mutations, which are strong risk indicators for breast and ovarian cancer and will also test for risks of colon and uterine cancers.

Those who have children with ADHD, will be very interested in this testing to help determine which medication and what amount is right.

Kailos also will test for individual classes of medication, from antidepressants to pain management.

While Kailos generously offered me free testing, the opinions here are my own. Do I think it is worth the cost? I do, especially if you have concerns about your health or have issues with medications that have been prescribed to you in the past.

My takeaway:

Knowledge is power, and I do feel more informed about making health decisions for me and my family. While the testing didn’t tell me everything I wanted to know, it did give me some answers that I found helpful in how my family’s genes fit and more about our genetic history and makeup.

This is a new field, so I will continue to watch how the companies like Kailos can use our DNA for helping to create a healthier tomorrow.

You can order testing from their website, and if you plan to attend Rootstech 2017, Kailos will be there to answer any questions you have – tell them that I sent you!



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