What Makes Rootstech So Special?

What Makes Rootstech So Special?


Last week was Rootstech 2016; held in Salt Lake City, where me and 25,000 of my closest friends attended the world’s largest Family History Expo. Author Bruce Feiler, called it the “Super Bowl of Storytelling.”

Rootstech is a unique experience, a place where there is something for everyone, from the family history newbie, to the more advanced researcher, from the youngster to those more “seasoned.” There is something for everyone in the family.

Where else can you see everything from a Harley riding TV host like Stan Ellsworth, a self-described Black Chinese woman like Paula Madison, bloggers Love Taza, the human Guinea Pig and World’s Largest Reunion organizer A.J. Jacobs, writer Bruce Feiler and Pulitzer Prize winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, politician Michael Leavitt and Story Corps David Isay all share about family stories?

FamilySearch’s new CEO, Steve Rockwood, totally slayed his opening keynote address, where he said, “Genealogists are heart specialists. We need to share stories that touch the heart, especially for our children who need them.

IMG_0340Rockwood went on to state that “Sharing family history stories can be as easy as weaving it into everyday life, like sharing stories about your ancestors favorite treats.”

In Bruce Feiler’s keynote address he shared 3 secrets for a happy family, “What is the secret of happy families? They talk a lot.

1. Have a family mission statement. What are your core values? What do you like best about your family? What is our best possible selves?
2. Tell stories. Have a biography night. Telling stories takes practice. Storytelling boosts confidence and success. Embed the positive memories by sharing a story at the family experience.
3. Tell your family history. Number 1 predictor of a child’s happiness and future success.

Besides outstanding keynote presentations, there was a HUGE variety of lectures on a variety of subjects, some of which were live-streamed and can be viewed here. Syllabi from classes that were not recorded can be downloaded here.

I love presenting at Rootstech because the people are so excited to learn. You can download my class syllabus here, where I share 4 pages of links to sites that will help you raise your research skills and knowledge to the next level.

Rootstech was a marathon event of family history goodness. In my next post I will share my final thoughts. Until then, check out those recorded videos and pull out your calendar to save the date for Rootstech 2017, Feb 8-11. I’ll be there!





  1. Valerie, it was so fun to see you there again! What a busy, but good week.

  2. RootsTech was amazing! And it was wonderful to see you there Valerie!

  3. Once again #Rootstech was a blast. Good to see you and your big smile once more.

  4. a great review. I wish I had been able to spend more time visiting with you. You inspire me in so many ways.

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