Rootstech 2016; Not to Be Forgotten

IMG_0341I’ve attended all 6 of the Rootstech Family History Conferences and this year’s was stronger than ever. FamilySearch calls it the “world’s largest family history expo.” Expo is a more accurate description of the 3 day extravaganza. Rootstech is different from the typical genealogy conference in that it is designed to be inclusive of everyone, no matter where they are in researching their family – catering to the needs of the many, rather than the few.

I personally love being around those that are new to family history – they are so excited and anxious to learn. I presented a well-attended class on helping the beginning researcher to learn about the Genealogical Proof Standard, what is good methodology and why they it is worth the effort. I shared over 4 pages of links that will help the researcher, no matter where they are, to up their game by continued learning through a variety of online educational sources. You can download it here.

Really enjoyed being a Rootstech Ambassador and the staff made sure that we were treated well and had access to so many great resources. The Rootstech staff is phenomenal and worked so very hard, that I am sure they are still recovering!

Loved meeting up with old friends and colleagues and meeting new ones. It is a great place to network, especially with those who aren’t usually at the typical national conference. For those professionals, who are seeking to increase their presence and develop their brand, it is vital to attend. People who hire genealogists, are people who attend Rootstech. People hire those they are familiar with and recognize. Simple as that.

The tech portion of the conference this year was outstanding! I love to see the innovation, the development and the creativity.

The vendors and exhibitors are getting smarter and more effective in marketing their services. Each of these things are things that bring value to the field and will benefit all. Hope to see you next year, I’ll be there!


  1. Great to see you again, if only fleetingly,Valerie. All being well I’ll join you in 2017.

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