My Mom is Fierce

Here’s my post that was included in Familysearch’s blog post that featured other family historian’s (like AJ Jacobs, Lisa Alzo and others) favorite mom memories. It was a fun read, go check them all out here.


My mom looking amazing after giving birth to number 3. I’m the cutie on the far right.

“My mother is loving, but fierce. The mother of seven children, she had her last child at the age of 47 and her first at 18. She has no patience for quitters and those who don’t try.

Growing up her frequent saying when we said we couldn’t do something (which was apparently often) was, ‘can’t never could.’

That saying never failed to make me mad when I was growing up. I wanted to quit, I wanted it to be easy – shoot, I wanted my mom to do it for me!

Mom wasn’t having any of it. I may have been her baby, but she didn’t believe in babying me or anyone else.

While I did not appreciate it at all when I was younger, I am so very grateful…now.

Mom taught me to fly on my own, to not give up when things were tough, and to now say to my own children the dreaded, but powerful phrase, ‘can’t never could.’

Thanks mom.”


  1. It’s a very inspiring story and it deserves to be featured in familysearch website. You have good words about your Mom and it really shows how proud you are as her child. I’m sure your Mom will appreciate all the things you said about her. And it seems that you have a great relationship with each other and that’s the most important thing of having a family. Thanks for sharing.

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