30 Days to Becoming Unforgettable – Day 11

30 Days to Becoming Unforgettable – Day 11


Day 11 – That’s Hilarious

What do you think is funny? Does slapstick put you in stitches or leave you scratching your head? Or do you have a drier sense of humor and love a good pun – especially when not everyone catches the subtlety of your jest? Whether it is nature or nurture we all have a sense of humor that makes up who we are.

One of the things I miss most about my dad is his sense of humor. He was full of witticisms, jokes, puns, and humorous stories. He told them all with a twinkle in eye and a devious little smirk. Over Christmas, my son and I were remembering one of grandpa’s jokes and he was suddenly there with us in spirit.

So, what make you smile? What makes you laugh out loud? Have you ever laughed until you cried or snorted?

Share the laughter. Bring a smile to future generations. If nothing else, they will laugh about what you thought was funny, or, they will recognize their own sense of humor in yours.

Make them smile and write it down. Better yet – get out the video camera and tell the joke is even better!

Share the joy!

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