30 Days to Becoming Unforgettable – Day 10

30 Days to Becoming Unforgettable – Day 10


Day 10 – The Wind Beneath My Wings

I want to celebrate the mentors, teachers, the person who inspired me. The people who were there at the important crossroads in my life. It may have been just the right words at just the right time, it may have been a shoulder to cry on or a kick in the butt. It may have been encouragement when all seemed dark. A quiet example or a very vivid one.

Those people who gave us a gentle nudge or a GIANT shove that helped make us who we are need to be recorded. I wish I knew who my ancestor’s mentors and inspiration were, wouldn’t you?

Record who your mentors, inspirations, your champions are/were and what they do/did to make a difference in your life.

Want to feel really good? Share this with them or their descendants if they are no longer alive. I know they would be so grateful to know that they had a part to play in your life.

I have so many great people who continue to inspire me,what a difference they have played in my life. I try and pay it forward and give back.

Remember, authors, books, music, art can all be an inspiration as well. I think you will be surprised at who has made a difference in your life.

Now it is your turn!



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