30 Days to Becoming Unforgettable Challenge

Announcing the “30 Days to Becoming Unforgettable Challenge.” Starting January 1st, we are kicking off the challenge. 2015 is the year to start living a well-documented life. What exactly is a well-documented life?

Let me ask you, do you keep a journal, a memoir or have you written your life’s greatest stories? Have you labeled your photos or gathered all of your vital records for you and your children? What is the recorded legacy that you will leave for the next generation?

Many genealogist’s do a great job documenting and sourcing the lives of their ancestors, but their own life – not so much.

So join the challenge for 30 days in January, where every day you will receive a task to complete for the day. Learn from others and share your success. Begin the year off right and record your life’s story! Share your progress and learn from others!


  1. Norma McClain :

    Where is Day 1? Would love to do this!

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