Y’all Ain’t Gonna Believe This

Good stories in the North start with “Once upon a time”, while in the South, the good ones start with “Y’all ain’t gonna believe this…”

Gotta love the South!

While the melodious and smooth as honey drawl of J. Mark Lowe CG(sm), FUGA, still rings in my ears, I will share some of the insights I had from taking his Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy course of Southern Research last week. Mark is an engaging teacher, who teaches with a natural and comfortable style that is interesting, entertaining and informative. Mark is also a very generous teacher, who not only offers much information in class, but also continues to offer instruction through his newsletter and updates afterwards.

Mark was the main teacher and coordinator of the course, but we were also blessed to be instructed by Michael Hait CG (sm). His voice was more Barry White, but he was equally informative  and enjoyable. Michael shared his love of maps and that inspired me to spend more time looking at these great resources.

Take-aways from the course:

  • Take time to “mull and ponder“. We often have clickitis when researching. The secret is to take the time to mull and ponder about what we want to research, where we might find the answer and what records were created.
  • Look to the soil to unearth those brick wall questions we have. Never knew before the answers could be in the dirt!
  • It’s not enough to say my ancestor was a farmer – you need to know what they farmed! The answer could be the clue  to a whole lot of questions and lead you to where they might have migrated to.
  • Maps! Maps! Maps!

So this you can believe, even if you have no Southern blood – if you ever have the opportunity to learn from either of these fine gentlemen, JUMP ON IT! Thank you both and the SLIG team for everything.


  1. Valerie, these two men are remarkable! And, to think you have southern roots!!! Are we going to be related?

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the course!

  3. Yes Valerie you do have some very deep Southern Roots. Both Popa and Mammy were born and raised in and around Berry Alabama Most of the siblings were born in Alabama.

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