Born Protectors and Patriots

Born Protectors and Patriots

Valerie Elkins: Patriots Display 

As we approach Independence Day, I reflect upon my heritage. Both my husband and my ancestor’s have been in every war and conflict since this country began.

My husband is a Marine (once and always), my son is in the Army National Guard, my father in the USAF, one grandfather was in the WWI, the other in WWII and back it goes.

Some seem to be born with a inborn willingness and  desire to  protect and defend. Did they all anxiously want to fight? Probably not, but they would do so anyways. Because they knew there are some things worth fighting and dying for.

There are also some women, who may not have joined the battle, yet they nurtured the love of freedom, they inspired the need to defend and protect and they supported and prayed for those they loved who were in harms way.

My son who is in the ROTC and the Army National Guard, has had girls he was interested in pursuing a marriage relationship with, not want to be with him because they did not want to face the possibility of his future deployments. No one wants that, yet some will pay the price and some will find the cost of freedom is just too high.

There are those who have the desire to protect and defend and who run towards the sounds of chaos. How grateful I am to the men who fought, bled and died for my country and my freedom. For the women who loved them, encouraged and inspired them and nurtured their love of peace and freedom. How proud I am of the legacy of protectors and patriots who were my ancestors and now my descendants. 

May we take a few moments on the 4th, to remember its not a date on the calendar – but a time to stop and remember, to be grateful and to pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate price and to those who continue to make sure it wasn’t in vain.

Happy Independence Day everyone!


  1. A lovely post, Valerie, and a moving quotation at the beginning. We also saw those who wanted to “run toward chaos” in the recent Boston bombing, to help and protect. What an honorable component of the nature of human beings! A day to remember all those who have protected our country.

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