NGS Day 1

NGS Day 1

What do Mariachi music, kilts and Elizabeth Shown Mills all have in common? They are all here at the NGS 2013 Family History Conference. A Mariachi band serenaded the anxious attendees who were lined up to storm the Exhibit Hall doors – many who quickly swarmed the NGS booth to purchase Tom Jones new book. Yes, I was first line, thank you very much!

I attended J. Mark Lowe’s presentation: Making those Early Census Records Talk first thing this morning. Let me say right up front that when it comes to Mark, I am not an unbiased source because I just think he is fabulous no matter what he does. He is not only an excellent speaker, but he is kind and a real gentleman. I gained new insight into how to use those pre-1850 Census’ and glean the information they contained. I want to go home and download his forms (which he said are available on FamilySearch) and go through my records again and find what I missed before. Thanks Mark!

Lisa Louise Cooke and Kathryn M. Doyle

Lunch with Luana Darby and 2 new genealogy friends. Meeting, networking and learning from other attendees is really a BIG part of the conference experience. I love webinars and all, but the face to face interaction with others is just as valuable as what you learn in class.

After lunch I attended Craig Scott’s: Basic Military Research. Craig is bursting with knowledge and information and he generously answers questions and provided so much info that I really need to spend more time gaining a basic foundational knowledge of Military research. Both my husband’s and my family have served in every military action since the beginning of this country. Its time for me to really become an expert in military research – which means study, time and lots of effort and research. Thanks Craig for letting me know how much I don’t know and how much farther I need to go!

Ended the day with lots of gen talk and ice cream…doen’t get much better than that!



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