Getting Ready for NGS 2013 Family History Conference

Getting Ready for NGS 2013 Family History Conference


Tomorrow is the BCG Education Fund Workshop: Putting Your Skills to Work. The National Genealogical Society is offering this course before the official start on Wednesday. The workshop is entitled “Walk in Your Ancestor’s Footsteps” and is being led by Beverly Rice, CG and Connie Lenzen, CG. I’m really, really looking forward to attending this workshop. The handouts and the homework assignments has me anticipating a great day of learning.

NGS has created a very handy app for your smart phone or tablet to help keep you informed of all that is going on. Using the app I went through all the courses being offered and clicked on the class I wished to attend. This automatically put the classes into my daily schedule. You can search for a class by track and by level or by speakers. Very handy. Other features are maps, friends and attendees, and other useful features. Technology can really make life and conference attendance easier.

Bravo to NGS for creating a contest encouraging attendees to tweet pictures from a list they created. I’m assuming that each time your tweet, your name is entered for a chance to win free registration to NGS 2014 to be in Virginia. Nice way to promote the conference and create some buzz.

While writing this, I received a phone call from my sister, informing me that my father has just had a stroke and things look serious. I feel so helpless being so far away right now. Whenever things are beyond my control and power, I turn in humble prayer to the one who is my sure foundation. My Heavenly Father has always sustained me, guided me and is always my comfort in times of distress. I also asked my Facebook friends if they would include my dad in their prayers as well. Within minutes – dozens and dozens of responses of encouragement and offers of prayers came back. Tears flowed in gratitude for these kind and thoughtful gestures. Say what you will about social media or Facebook, these quick responses – coming in such a time of need, is truly a wonderful blessing. Thank you my dear friends.

Tonight my brother and sisters, who live all over the country will meet up in Google Hangout, to discuss how we will all work together to support and help my parents. We will divide up the responsibility and figure out who can do what and when. More social media tools coming to the rescue. Thank you technology for today not only have you made conference attendance easier, but you have made today bearable.


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