A Genealogical Chart of Genealogist

I’ve been reading the book, The 4-Hour Chef by Timothy Ferriss, because frankly I only have about 4 hours to devote to it. Wouldn’t you know that while reading it, I found something that I thought would be interesting if it was applied to genealogy.

In the book, Ferriss has created a chart that he calls,The Chef Genealogical Charts: An Unofficial Who’s Who (And Who Taught Whom), which you can view here.

Now, I’m not getting into the who’s who of genealogy, but I did create a chart for myself, just because I was curious.

What if I created a chart of breaking down where I learned about a subject and from whom? This could help me determine areas of learning I’m strong in and where I need to go next in my future genealogical educational pursuits. Maybe this will help me determine which presentations and institutes I need to attend, what books to read, what webinars I need to sign up for next.

Now, looking at this chart I can see that I have had some powerful teachers. I learned from their presentations at conferences, institutes, have read their writings in books, articles or posts, and they have all contributed significantly to my understanding of methodology.

I would be interested in who were your mentors, teachers. Who did you learn from? Who inspired you?

My chart includes subjects like: Military Records, Census Records, Courthouse Records, Land Records, Forensic Genealogy, Family History Writing, Genealogy and Social Media, Tech Tools for Genealogist, etc.,etc.,etc..

What does your chart look like?


  1. Valerie, I think you should show us your chart, please. I having trouble imagining writing down all my learning sources. (Either it’s my memory or too many sources.)

  2. I like the idea of remembering Who Taught Whom. So much of genealogy is learned through the advice of experts and genealogical “veterans,” especially now that the tricks of navigating databases is a central part of research. It surely does help to have a mentor, a video, a webinar, or a conference presentation to guide the aspiring genealogist through the jungle of references!

    • Thanks Mariann for your comment. We all are novices in some area of genealogy. No one knows it all! Keeping track of what I know, what I want to know and who I want to learn from helps me going forward.

      Here’s to ever learning!

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