What is SLIG like? Day 1

What is SLIG like? Day 1

Last night was registration and the reception for the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. This was a chance to get to know fellow students and meet the instructors. I am taking the Boston University sponsored “Principles of Foresencic Genealogy,” which is the first year it has been offered at SLIG (pronounced rather than spelled).

Today was the first day of classes. SLIG offers 9 different courses this year, with all of them full. I am still getting over a cold so I’m hopped up on cold meds, so excuse me if my post is more full of errors than normal!

Forensic Genealogy course has been so interesting and I love learning about an area that offers so much variety in the type of work.

DearMrytle is here and taking Dr. Thomas W. Jones high-in-demand class of Advanced Methodolgy. Myrtle had a tie quilt project going on last night at the reception and its always fun to catch up with her.

Thomas MacEntee is a new course coordinator and I wish I could clone myself to be in his classes. Thomas is generous in his teaching and I’m sure his students are getting their monies worth.

I will do some interviews with course instructors and students and will include those in later posts. Tonight is the plenary session with Dr. Jones and afterwards a genealogy game show “Last Genealogist Standing” to be hosted by Craig Scott. Both of these are sure to be a hit.

On a side note to those who have stayed at the Radisson in the past and had to wrestle, bribe or take desperate messures to get a frdige in your room – good news, they all have one now! Whew!

My roomie, Corey Oiesen and I just ordered Chinese and they deliver! Too cold, tired and feeling yuckie to want to go anywhere else. So hopefully after dinner and a bit of a rest I will be up for tonights activities.

Always so fun to see old friends, make new ones and to learn new things. Now if I can just rid of this cold I would be in heaven! To those who haven’t attended SLIG in the past, you really need to consider it. The FHL is just around the corner and the opportunities to do research and attend an institute with such high caliber instructors is really a no brainer. Check out the other courses offered at the UGA at their website: www.ugaGenealogy.com. More to come!


  1. I am absolutely green with SLIG envy!!!!! Wish I were there.

  2. On my to do list! I hope it’s not too long before I get to attend SLIG! I guess for now I will have to experience through your blog posts!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience at SLIG. Attending in 2014 is my goal!

  4. Hi Valerie,

    Hope you are feeling better soon. The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy sure has some great classes scheduled for this week. I just did a google search. Even the evening classes sound great. The map class on Wednesday evening sounds interesting. I’ll google the speaker to see what she’s written on the subject. You take care and hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Regards, Terri

  5. Enjoy your week at SLIG, Valerie! I attended in 2011 and wish so much I could be there again this year. You’re right, it’s a special time and place. Hope you feel better, and keep the posts coming as you get time!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. If you haven’t been to SLIG, it is a definite DO in my humble opinion. You were missed and I hope to see you at a SLIG or another conference soon!

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