A Whole New World of Forensic Genealogy

SLIG Day 3. Sorry no post yesterday, but, seriously, I was so out of it you really wouldn’t have wanted to hear or would have been a able to understand what I had to say. So today I will give you a summary of what I have gathered and learned so far in my “Principles of Forensic Genealogy” course.

We have 3 outstanding instructors, Drs. Mary Ann Boyle and Colleen Fitzpatrick and Melinde Lutz Byrne CG. Each one comes to the course with a completely different direction and perspective.

I originally took the course because about half of my client work is locating heirs-at-large in Japan and wanted a better understanding of the work I was involved in. So that was my understanding of Forensic Genealogy.

So far in the course we have covered:

  • adoption search
  • heir search
  • fraud discovery
  • forensic reconstruction
  • forensic anthropology
  • photographic analysis
  • Jane Doe – missing person identification

It is all so interesting and so varied, but a much broader scope of forensic genealogy than what I had anticipated. I like having my world expanded in ways that I hadn’t considered. Each of these women have pursued their own passion in different ways. Not sure that their way will be a path I pursue, but I appreciate the new avenues of study that I am being introduced to.

Tonight I am going to attend Thomas MacEntee’s class of “20th Century Marketing Tools and Techniques” and am really looking forward to hearing Stefani Evans’ class “Oh, the Things You can Map! Mapping to Organize Data.”

So glad that I’m feeling a little better so I can make through this evenings classes! Maybe I will socialize a bit more now. If you’re here and I haven’t said hi to you yet, please don’t take it personally. For those at home, plan a SLIG Institute course in your near future. It is by far one of the best investments I’ve made in my pursuit of my genealogical education. Hope to see you at one next year!

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