My Private Family History Conference

My Private Family History Conference

Photo By: Valerie S. Elkins

Right now, FGS conference is going on in Birmingham, AL and many of my fellow genealogists are attending. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this year. Hopefully, next year I will be there, especially since it is in Fort Wayne, IN. Hello Allen County Public Library!

Instead of pouting, feeling sorry for myself, I decided to create my own private family history conference, attendee of 1.

After a busy summer, this is the perfect time to regroup and reorganize my  office. What better way to do this while listening to some of my genealogy CDs, attend virtual webinars and catalog my genealogy reference holdings?

This morning while listening to the inspiring Judy G. Russell CG, on Legacy’s webinar presentations: Building a Family From Circumstantial Evidence, I organized by software and program CD’s. 

This afternoon, I will be attending Ancestry’s live webinar with Anne Mitchell’s presentation on Tips on How to Organize if You Haven’t Done it for Years, which is perfect timing with my current project!

Other “classes” I plan on attending are available to UGA members in the Virtual Chapter’s webinar archives. I will catch up on some of the ones that I have missed.

Saturday, I will be “attending” SCGS’s Jamboree Extension Series webinar which is being taught by my good friend, Denise Spurlock entitled: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker. Researching Your Ancestor’s Occupations.

In between “sessions”, I have a stack of genealogical reading to catch up on. The latest NGS Quarterly and UGA Crossroads, as well online newsletter’s from various societies are begging to be read.

If that is not enough to keep me busy genealogically, I have 4 presentations to prepare for that I am giving at the UGA Fall Family History Fair, and I was just notified that 2 presentations (and one, that I will give twice) have been accepted by Rootstech 2013,  as well as the presentations for Story@Home 2013 that need to be fine tuned.Yep, I will be lucky if I get out of my office by Christmas!

Try having your own private family history conference…it is the next best thing to being there!


  1. Great post! Judy Russell’s webinar was fantastic wasn’t it?! And congratulations on your own upcoming presentations!

  2. I love it! I am now going to plan my own and figure out what webinars I want to watch and maybe listen to one of the many podcasts I have downloaded and not had to time to listen to.

  3. Thanks for this inspiring response to other genealogists attending conferences! Very positive. I registered for the webinar on Ancestors’ Occupations. Thank you!

  4. Great way to look at it Valerie. There is so much online anymore that we can get quite the education in the comfort of our own home and then sleep in our own bed at night! Great post.

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