5 Odd Family History Summer Fun Ideas

5 Odd Family History Summer Fun Ideas

My husband enjoying the summer

What do you do in the summertime? Is it possible to have fun and do family history too? Some people may question.

Here are some suggestions for ways to do both:

Combining family vacations with family history research is a tried and true method. Acquiring the skills of a good con artist may be necessary though…The short cut to Six Flags is right through this cemetery – no really it is!

Here are some ideas that you might not have considered:

  1. Plan a Family Reunion for next summer. This one is going to take some planning and time. Maybe invite all the descendants of a common ancestor. The picture of my husband above was taken at our family reunion in HAWAII, I know you can tell how he was suffering! Can’t help it if I have cool ancestors who happened to be early settlers to Hawaii. Anyone related to Thomas James Mossman and Mary Ann Lewis are welcome to our next one in 2014. Met some AWESOME cousins and had a great time.
  2. Submit a Paper to Present at Story@Home 2013. Weren’t expecting that one were you! Story@Home has selected the date for next year’s conference – Feb 1-2, 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Story@Home combines family history, blogging and storytelling into one sweet conference.                                                                                  This conference will blow you away, expand your world view and who doesn’t need that every once in awhile? The call for papers ends Aug. 31, so get busy. If presenting isn’t your thing, I am cool with that. But, put it on your calendar anyways and come see how family historians, professional big-time bloggers and storytellers can add to your family history research. Promise you may never be the same…in a good way!
  3. Go to a Regional Family History Conference. BYU’s Family History Conference is July 31-Aug 3 and offers some great presenters and tracks. UGA Cedar City is having a one day family history conference on Aug 18th. Many fine presenters and tracks there. Come meet Story@Home’s founder Carol Rice and catch a play at Utah’s famed Shakespeare Festival in the evening. If you can’t make those for sure and plan on attending this year’s UGA Family History Fair Sept 21-22 at Salt Lake Community College in Sandy, UT. This year UGA is going all out – they are making an event that is family friendly! There will be something for everyone – beginners, teens and intermediate researchers as well. I will be presenting the following 4 courses:             The Magic Power of Story Telling  *  Finding Your Family History Stories *           Interest in Pinterest, Pinning Your Family History * Finding Your Japanese Ancestors. There will be free courses too! Come join the fun!
  4. Tape Record Your Family Gatherings. Family get togethers are a great time to ask those family history questions you have been wanting to ask. Never put it off! 
  5. Learn a new skill. This summer I am learning how to design a new website using WordPress and teaching myself some programming code. The fun never stops around here!
Point is there is plenty to do and summer can be a fun time to share your love of family history with the living. Enjoy!

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