Ciao Baby! I’m Off to Jamboree!

Ciao Baby! I’m Off to Jamboree!

I am so excited to attend Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree! I will be manning a table at their Genealogy World event. Anyone needing help with Japanese research come stop by – it’s FREE! If not just come by and say ‘hello’ in any case. Unfortunately. I will only be staying Thurs and Friday. So, I am going to have to work fast to catch up with everyone.

Jamboree Artwork
Saturday, I will be presenting at a regional family history fair. If you are in Utah, check it out here. This event is also free! Don’t you just love free!

I will also be presenting at UGA Cedar City Family History Fair in Aug. and UGA Family History Fair in Salt Lake in Sept. Hope I will be seeing some friends there.

What else am I doing besides presenting? I decided to quit dilly dallying and get my DAR application done and begin working on my CG. Man, I am such a slacker! I figure if Anne Roach can work on renewing her AG and her CG while caring for darling baby twin girls, I should be able to do this right? Maybe Anne has some spare time that she can also help me? No seriously Anne, I need help!

Anyways, I got to pack. When I get back I am sure I will have much to share about Jamboree and all the good things and people along the way. Ciao baby, cause that’s how I roll!

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