Finding and Following Your Passion in Family History

Finding and Following Your Passion in Family History

Are you spending time developing your passion? What is it about family history that gets you excited? Valentines Day is all about love so my question for you today is “What do you love about family history?” While you may say “All of it” there is still some things that float your boat than other things.

Once you determine what that is, let me ask you another “How much time and attention are you giving your love? Love without time and attention will fizzle and fade.

Let’s say you have narrowed down your passion and you are committed to spending more time with it, now how do you make that love grow?
Let’s say that your passion is house histories, what can you do to make that passion ignite? Thinking outside the box and some creativity are sure to turn up the passion. Studying period architecture, picking the brain of a house inspector or contractor might give you details about house histories that you had overlooked or never explored.

Looking outside the normal genealogy experts will give you a fresh eye and  help you gain a bigger perspective that could pay BIG dividends in your family history research and fanning the flames of passion.

Need some ideas? Do you have a blog or want to start one? Maybe your passion is family stories like mine is but, want to tell them better? A great place to combine both is at the Story@Home 2012 conference and you can read my guest post about the conference on FamilySearch‘s blog here

First thing experienced fellow geneabloggers, are going to say is “Where are the genealogy bloggers?” after looking at the list of presenters. Remember, about getting outside our box and seeking a fresh perspective? These bloggers who are presenting do not have a few hundred followers…they have Thousands! Think there might be a thing or two you can learn from them? 

Next, the experienced genealogists are going to say something like “where are all the BIG name genealogists”?  While there are well-known researchers like David Rencher and genealogy speakers like Janet Hovorka, this conference is geared for the novice. Which is perfect for me to take my non-genealogist friends and family to get their feet wet and drink from the family history kool-aid, as the presentations are fun and engaging!

And while they are busy learning the basics to finding their family history stories, I will be learning everything I can from the professional storytellers who will help me polish and improve my storytelling technique so that I have a more appreciative audience in my family! Win-Win!

Who outside the “Genealogy World”  has expertise and experience that might add and enhance your passion and understanding of your family history? Social historians? Chefs? Costume designers? Reenactors? Expanding your horizons is sure to get you into the mood for more family history lovin! 

This Valentines Day fan the flames of your family history love by being creative and focused and open to new possibilities!

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