Family History Story Disfuntion – Tips to Telling Your Story So People Will Listen

Family History Story Disfuntion – Tips to Telling Your Story So People Will Listen

Arm yourself with a story to pierce any heart!

If your family isn’t interested in their family history – you aren’t telling the right story or telling the story right.

Being a good storyteller is a skill and one that can be learned! Here are some tips to get your storytelling ability a boost:

  • Find a good real life story to share.  Everyone’s family history is full of great stories filled with plenty of drama, intrigue and human interest.
  • Look for stories with strong characters, great action and simple structure. Save the intricate stories for you book!
  • Outline the story. Memorize key parts. Remember you are drawing in your family through a story, so make it well presented.
  • Use gestures, repetition and paint a picture with your words. 
  • Have a clear ending. 

Storytelling is one the oldest activities in the world. Scientist believe we are hard-wired to listen to stories.

Stories according to the experts help us consolidate our memory, shape our emotions, form opinions and discover our personal identities.

What does that all mean? That means that your family wants and needs the stories of their family’s ancestors. Not everyone will love genealogy, but everyone loves a good story.

So choose your stories well and soon your family will be begging for more!


  1. I have found this to be true. Not every member of the family is going to get in touch about every post but those who read the stories or talk to me seem to appreciate it.

  2. Kristin the power of story seems to stick with us. My family doesn’t mention most of my posts either, but will mention a story. Thanks the comment!

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