I Married Scrooge McDuck

I Married Scrooge McDuck


I love everything Scottish. I love the highlands, the kilts, the brogue. While I do have a smattering of Scottish heritage, it is back a ways. My husband though is another story. If his ggg grandmother had actually married the father of her son, my last name would now be McBrayer.

My husband hails from Southern Ohio, just across the Kentucky border. His family all have strong Kentucky accents, (my mother-in-law pronounced Hawaii as Hah-WHY-yah), while his accent though, if ever was present has long since vanished. But, for some strange reason or other, people have been known on occasion to hear the Scottish brogue from his lips. While eating at a restaurant one evening, a neighboring patron leaned over and said, “We just got back from Scotland and loved it there. Where in Scotland are you from?” This is followed by my jaw-dropping and staring in amazement, while my husband politely lets the misguided customer down. This has happened more than once, though other times the accent was thought to be a British accent. He thinks this is hilarious, while I think it is ludicrous.

Recently, I found myself wondering if our heritage sometimes even if faintly finds a way to reveal itself. My husband even has those wild Scottish eyebrows like those seen here:


ok, not quite – but you get the idea. It is like the Scottish in him, having been denied the opportunity of giving him an obvious Scottish surname, has found another way to assert itself and claim their long lost son.

I have decided to resist it no longer, I will accept that my husband has an invisible Scottish accent on only one condition…he starts wearing a kilt. He has got the knees for it and I think he could totally pull it off!


I think he could totally do the Sean Connery look here. Speaking of Sean Connery, I will end my post with this:


Have a great day everyone and find a reason to laugh!


  1. Love that poster!

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