11 Great Ways to Share Family History Fun

11 Great Ways to Share Family History Fun

Summer is a great time for families to get together, whether its for an official reunions or just a simple gathering. Why not throw in some   family history fun while you’re enjoying the BBQ! Here are some great ways to cherish your families this summer.

Celebrate your Ancestors Birthday
Any reason for cake and ice cream right! Keep family connections alive and help your children and grandchildren know those who have gone before. Make it as big or small as you like, but everyone likes to have a reason to celebrate!

Share Family Stories Around the Campfire
Tell your stories around the campfire at bedtime or anytime. Make the stories real, make them fun, add sound effects and most of all – make them compelling. All of us learn to love our heritage and our ancestors when we know their stories. Not the facts, but their individual stories and what makes them ours!

Make a Family History Coloring Book

You can convert family history photos into coloring book pages! Write a simple story with the picture and you will introduce the younger generation to their family heritage. There are several free tutorials on how to do this online, check this one out here.

Honor Those Who Served
Remember those who served their country, their community and their God. Remembering their commitment, service and sacrifice is an excellent way to not only honor them but to help keep their legacy alive. Veterans Day and Memorial Day are a great time to remember all the military service in your heritage.
More Ideas:

  • Create a family history placemat kids learn names, faces, places from placemats and laminated for easy cleaning.
  • Create family history games make games like memory match games, bingo, redo a monopoly board or create a card game
  • Create a family photo wall or family tree on the wall I am working on one now and will share soon!
  • Teach your youngsters who to do genealogy research Help them fill out their own family tree, look things up together and share the fun!
  • Make a family photo quilt a priceless way to preserve your heritage.
  • Interview family members on video or tape capture those stories first hand while you can.
  • Create scrapbooks and family history books a lot of great online companies do this, check out my friend Penny’s one here, she is a pro and would love to help you get started.

Hope this got your imagination going. Begin today to cherish your family, those present and those who have gone before! Please share ways that you cherish your family, I would love to include them!
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  1. Love this. I so need to do more scrapbooking.

  2. Hey Valerie! Thanks a bazillion for the shout out! I love to help people with their digital memories and look forward to meeting some of your avid follower. A vote of confidence from you is….wow! I’ll be tossing some goodies your way for everyone that mentions your blog!

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