Creative Ways to Display your Heritage

Creative Ways to Display your Heritage

One of the purposes of my blog is share how different people cherish and honor their families. My first spotlight is on Suesan of Frou-Frugal blog.

Suesan shares her love of family along with the repurposing, reupholstering, redoing things – particularly items she inherited from family to beautify her home. Here are some her amazing projects:

Family History Settee

Suesan took this $20 garage sale settee find, refinished the wood trim and reupholstered with a drop-cloth fabric that she designed with a custom map with ancestor’s locations inscribed with their name. Why leave your family on a tree when you can put it on your furniture? Isn’t this fabulous! Here’s a back view:

Suesan has a tutorial and description of how she did it here. The whole project cost her only $127.47!

Also on her blog she demonstrates how to take vintage silverware and frame it, why leave these treasures in a drawer?

Suesan has also taken vintage wedding gowns and redesigned them into blessing gowns for babies – they are even more gorgeous in person! To the gowns she adds smocking and Brazilian Embroidery.


Suesan feels that by getting things out of boxes and having them displayed in her home helps her children connect with family no longer living. Things that are out of style find new life in the creative ways she updates them. You can get great ideas for other objects that maybe you weren’t quite sure what to do with on her blog. How about creating a coat rack out of all of grandpa’s old braces like this:

Suesan was definitely the  first person I wanted to spotlight when I thought of someone who cherishes their family. Suesan uses her creativity and ingenuity to bless her family. If she doesn’t know how to do something, like upholster  – she teaches herself and shares what she learns with others. Suesan is amazing and I should know…she’s my sister! Love you sis and thanks for inspiring me and countless others!

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  Grandmothers Hope Chest: French Sewing by Machine, Smocking, Shadowwork, Embroidery


  1. Thank you for the spotlight, Valerie! I appreciate it. I love how you honor our ancestors by finding their stories and bringing them to life for your family.

    Love you!

  2. Now, this is about the most creative way I have ever seen to keep the family history interest going forward to the next generation!

  3. Great ideas and a surprise ending, she is your sister! Awesome!

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