Wanted Dead AND Alive

When you are a fanatical avid genealogist and family historian it is SO easy to get consumed enthralled with the hunt. A “simple look” for a census record from an online database can quickly turn into hours long quest – barely making time to come up for air.
I love my ancestors and my heritage. The more I get to know them, the more I want to learn about them. I have to remind myself to not let this passion become more important than those who are still alive in my life. I hear from other genealogist that this not uncommon, nor are genealogists the only ones who get caught up in things.Honor the past but cherish the present.

Valentines Day is coming up – a time to express love to those who mean everything to us. With all my searching and hunting, I need to remember to not forget the living who could always use a little bit of my attention too.
This blog is committed to honoring and cherishing our families – Living AND dead. So let me just publicly thank my absolutely amazing husband. While he isn’t as interested in genealogy as I am – he is interested in me.

He will be accompanying me to Salt Lake, finding things to occupy himself while I attend RootsTech for the next 3 days and then take me out each night to dinner. We just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary this month. Am I a lucky woman or what? I am truly blessed and I know it. Humbled and grateful am I.
So Valentines Day, genealogist or not, remember to cherish family and love the ones your with.


  1. Great post, Valerie. I love the blog. It’s coming along very nicely.

  2. Val, I love what you are doing! I agree that researching your family roots is addicting. It’s like going on a treasure hunt! Enjoy your time in Salt Lake City, and your wonderful man!

  3. Val, thanks so much for reminding us to remember the living as well as the dead. Your tribute to your husband is wonderful 🙂 PS this is my first time to your blog. Great reading!

  4. I really loved your post and I’m looking forward to reading more in the future. Geneabloggers is a wonderful community of supportive people. I hope you have as much fun blogging as I have had!

  5. I love your photo collage! It has beautiful photographs of beautiful people in it!

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